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Jenny at a Gladstone Workshop
Jenny providing instruction at a Workshop in Gladstone.


Jenny Austin's Equine Services can provide several levels of training as well as workshops and/or demonstrations on a number of equine related topics, such as basic barefoot hoof maintenance.

Training and education

My focus is on hoof care training but topics of an equine nature are also available.

Training can be delivered ranging from essentially informational meetings to fully accessed sessions. It may be as specific as individual or small numbers to larger groups with a common need.

I can provide generic training or tailor instruction to meet a specific subject or need. My training methods vary from only instructional through to specific needs based including hands on/role-playing to meet your requirements.

Workshops and demonstrations

I am more than happy to provide workshops or demonstrations on specific topics or on a number of equine related subjects.

One of my popular workshops is:

Basic Barefoot Hoof Maintenance
This workshop is self-help training designed to provide an understanding of the process and enable a horse owner to maintain already correctly trimmed hooves until the next time more general maintenance is required.

Please contact me for further information and assistance