Pointing Out Detail on a HoofJenny Austin's Equine Services can provide several levels of training as well as workshops and/or demonstrations on a number of equine related topics, such as basic barefoot hoof maintenance.

Training and education
My focus is on hoof care training but topics of an equine nature are also available.

Training can be delivered ranging from essentially informational meetings to fully accessed sessions. It may be as specific as individual or small numbers to larger groups with a common need.

I can provide generic training or tailor instruction to meet a specific subject or need. My training methods vary from only instructional through to specific needs based including hands on/role-playing to meet your requirements.

Workshops and demonstrations
I am more than happy to provide workshops or demonstrations on specific topics or on a number of equine related subjects.

My most popular workshops are:
The Healthy Hoof
This workshop is designed to provide an understanding of the structures of the hoof, how to create a sound barefoot horse,how to recognise healthy vs unhealthy hooves and much more.

Maintenance Trimming for Owners
This workshop is designed to follow on from The Healthy Hoof workshop (the theory) and goes on to cover trimming steps, safety, tool use, etc. to enable horse owners to perform a maintenance trim between professional visits.

One-on-one Trimming Lessons are available for anyone who has attended a Healthy Hoof workshop and would like their trimming training tailored to suit their own horses. I will come to your horses, assess their needs and teach you to maintain trim.

Please contact me for further information and assistance

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