Riding Lessons

Teaching an Adult NoviceJenny Austin's Equine Services help riders maintain a better relationship with their horse by using an empathetic and holistic approach. My teaching methods achieve relaxation in both horse and rider creating a harmonious learning team.

  • Specialising in nervous and/or novice riders
  • Emphasis is on rider body awareness
  • Safety and well-being of horse and rider is paramount
  • Basic dressage principles with a natural horsemanship twist
  • Step by step approach to overcoming fear and achieving goals
  • Breaking down psychological and emotional blockages
  • Bitless riding welcome
  • Ground work training (if required)
I come to your property to teach you on your own horse. An enclosed arena with safe footing is essential. I will also to walk out with you on the trails as required, to build confidence.

Nervous Riders
At Jenny Austin's Equine Services we specialise in helping nervous and/or novice riders. It is important that those that are new to riding, whatever their age, understand and can use the right skills so they can enjoy their new pursuit.

Is Lack of Confidence Holding Back Your Riding?
Does this sound like you?
  • You want to ride today but you’re always thinking “what if….?”
  • You tend to make excuses not to ride like “but it’s windy today”, “but he hasn’t been ridden for a while”, “someone is mowing”, or...(insert your own excuse here!)
  • Do you only feel safe in the arena? Or sometimes not even there?
  • Do you need to have a really secure saddle to feel safe?
  • Will you only ride with someone else?
  • Are you okay walking and trotting but not cantering?
If you can relate to those questions, then you are a “nervous rider” but don’t worry, it’s really common, and there is help.I find there are three main types of nervous riders – which one can you relate to?
Jenny on LarryI’ve lost it!
Did you used to be a confident rider? Did you used to canter bareback, jump anything, ride down the main street, etc. without ever a care or thought of “what if?” But now you would never do those things, you keep to the arena or a quiet trail and are nervous, cautious or scared for no “logical” reason? What happened to you? Where is that confident rider now? Do you grieve and long for the rider you used to be?
It’s not as easy as I thought it would be!
Have you always loved horses but just never got around to owning one until you were older? You had a dream that when your children were older you would get a property and the fantasy of having relaxed rides around the country side would finally come true? So you waited and finally you bought a horse, but now it’s “Why can’t I just relax and enjoy him?” The fantasy is shattered and the reality is that you are scared to ride out (or even in the arena) but you don’t exactly know why or what to do about it.
I got hurt!
Did you have you an accident that has suddenly changed you from a confident rider to an anxious one? That old adage of “get straight back on”, didn’t quite happen the way you thought. You’ve lost your nerve!

Why Keep Riding?
One thing nervous riders all have in common is that they still want to persist. They love horses. They don’t want to give up. I wonder why? Any other sport or interest doesn’t have that magic power over us that horses do. We would have given up on archery, swimming or anything else if it got us as emotionally troubled as being a nervous horse rider does.

Jenny canteringI know why. It’s because horses are magical. They are good for our soul. But mostly it’s because when the riding is good, and we get that connection with our horse, that feeling that you are on top of the world and so happy, is amazing, addictive and we want more.

What Can We Do?
The good news is, you can get help and move on with your riding!

The first priority is that your horse is suitable for you. This sometimes means facing some hard truths. There is no point persisting with a horse that is actually “too much” for you. It’s not fair on the horse either.

The second priority is health and comfort of the horse and eliminating any problems in these areas.

Once we have established that you have a suitable, healthy horse whose tack fits comfortably, it’s time to work on you.

We will help you with the tools you need to be able to maintain control at all times. Our experienced coaching will help you learn what to do. We can provide the understanding that can help with your body awareness, including breathing and emotions, to keep a good connection with your horse.

At Jenny Austin's Equine Services we provide a step-by-step program following procedures tailored for each horse and rider that is essential to get you out and about.

Please contact me for further information and assistance

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