Riding, Handling and Floating Lessons

Teaching an Adult Novice

Can you relate to any of these statements?
  • I have my own horse but have lost confidence so I don’t ride much anymore
  • I feel safe in the arena and I really want to trail ride but I’m too nervous
  • I can’t ride my horse at the moment but would still like to keep my skills up
  • My young horse is about to be started so I need a riding tune up
  • I can’t ride yet but I really want to learn
  • I haven’t ridden for ages and dream of a nice trail ride
  • I need a coach who is sympathetic to my nervousness and ability level
  • I need a coach whose priorities are rider safety and horse welfare
  • I’m interested in rider biomechanics
  • I want to learn to “whisper” to my horse instead of “shouting” the aids
  • I’d like to learn more about horses
  • I need help with ground work
  • I need help with floating
  • I’ve always wanted to ride a rare Norwegian Fjord horse
  • ..... fill in your own story, there are many variations!
If this resonates with you, then my horses Arnstein, Oliver and Hallie, along with myself, can help you! No matter how worried you are, we will have you feeling better, riding better and with lots of tools in your tool box to achieve your goals.

I can come to you or you can drive out to beautiful Point Sturt (it’s worth the trip) and enjoy our horses.

Jenny Austin's Equine Services help riders maintain a better relationship with their horse by using an empathetic and holistic approach. My teaching methods achieve relaxation in both horse and rider creating a harmonious learning team.

  • Safety and well-being of horse and rider is paramount
  • Step by step approach to overcoming fear and achieving goals
  • Bitless riding welcome
  • Support with riding outside the arena
  • General horse care, tacking up, etc. are part of the lessons
  • Children 5 years and over are welcome

Do You Think That You May Be A Nervous Rider?
At Jenny Austin's Equine Services we specialise in helping nervous. Please see our article for Nervous Riders in our Information Repository. It can be found here.

The prices for our Riding Lessons can be found here.

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