Laminitis (or Founder) is the second leading cause of death of horses worldwide! Many horses are euthanised from complications of laminitis after many months or even years of pain.

Pasture Induced Laminitis should not have to be a death sentence!

Did you know that it is usually preventable and very treatable in most cases? And that most horses can heal and become sound after following particular protocols?

Unfortunately, it is often incorrect treatment plans after initial diagnosis that prevent healing and lead to these deadly complications.

If the correct treatment plan is put into place immediately after diagnosis, the horse will often become sound fairly quickly. Horses that have been suffering for some time often also benefit from changing to a better treatment program.

A strictly controlled diet is often the key to recovery. There are lots of other factors that need to be addressed but it is most often flaws in the diet that lead to failure.

In our practice, we have been called out to many laminitis cases, and over the years we have recognised problems that were delaying the start of the recommended recovery program. At the first appointment or during that first, long, emotional phone conversation we tended give a lot of verbal information all at once. As the next few weeks went by we noticed that not a lot of the initial information had been absorbed and remembered – not surprising as these owners are emotional and overwhelmed by the diagnosis of Laminitis! Also, sourcing the items needed to start the practical applications wasn’t always easy. Any delays are detrimental to the horse’s healing and we recognised the need for everything to be available from the very start and have the information printed out to refer to at any time.

Hence the creation of the Laminitis Crisis Pack. It began as a simple Diet Sheet but evolved into a very easy to follow text of step by step instructions, and much more to help the horse owner get started RIGHT NOW on the recovery program.

Resources to learn more about Laminitis

Our source for up-to-date, scientific information that WORKS is the Equine Cushing’s and Insulin Resistance Group and we urge you to take advantage of this resource.

Pete Ramey – brilliant articles, books and DVDs.

A better way of horse keeping

A track system is perfect for a laminitic horse

These two books are excellent!
What is Laminitis – A practical step by step guide to recovery by Zoe Messina & Rebecca Scott
Laminitis Understanding, Cure, Prevention by Remco Sikkel


The information in this pack is recommended as a complimentary tool for horse owners. All due care has been taken in the collating of these documents using current information but is intended as a guide only. All horse owners are advised to use the services of their veterinarian for diagnosis of laminitis and the best treatment plan for their horse. This pack is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of veterinarians. It provides items and information to get you started with the recovery applications. Jenny Austin’s Equine Services and their employees and agents cannot be held accountable for any resulting damage caused by the application of the information in this pack.

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