Faecal Egg Count Service

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Years of regular deworming, usually on an 8 week cycle, has increased the resistance of intestinal parasites in horses to commonly used chemicals. This has led to new treatment protocols for our horses in an attempt to reduce the resistance of parasites to dewormers.

These days we should still deworm at certain times of the year but at other times only based on the results of faecal egg counts. Horse owners need to understand that there are no new effective chemicals available to deworm and resistance is increasing world-wide. We advise to always deworm in spring but to do a faecal egg count 2 – 14 days afterwards to check for chemical resistance i.e. was the treatment effective? Some horses are high shedders and need to be dewormed more frequently. Each horse and each location may have different requirements.

We can carry out faecal egg counts when required for a nominal fee per sample. We will discuss the results and advise the next best step to take. Please contact us for more information.

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