Customer Comments and Testimonials

One of the greatest compliments I can ever receive is an unsolicited positive comment or testimonial from my customers. I am grateful to all of my customers, and especially thank those who took the time to write and let me know they had good service and a great experience.

Please take the time to see what my customers are saying in their comments and testimonials.

Hoof Trimming

We have just had our third trim with Jenny and things just keep getting better. After the first trim, I saw immediate improvements in my boys balance, posture and movement. I was able to show my trainer - Manolo Mendez - Jenny's work a few days later, and he remarked that Jenny is doing a good job, he liked the balance, shape and angles, this is high praise!
Thank you Jenny for not only restoring my boys feet, but for all the help and advice you offer.

Melanie Griffiths


Wow. Just spent the day partaking in a seminar delivered by Jenny Austin I had spent weeks doing research on hoof care so had lots of questions, which Jenny answered within the context of the seminar. I was extremely impressed with the presentation. (I am renown for being naturally questioning!) I think both Jenny and Richard are passionate about their hoof care, and horses must thank them. Anyone who really loves their horse should partake in this seminar.


Hoof Trimming

Your attention to detail, passion for what you do and clear desire to do what is best for each horse.


Thank you!

Anna-Marie Free Equine Therapies


Call me weird, but how amazing is it to see the inside of the hoof!? A day well spent at 'The Healthy Hoof' workshop held by Jenny Austin (Jenny Austin's Equine Services).

As a therapist, I believe it is really important to keep educating myself about all aspects of the horse - we never stop learning! It's also important to remember that we are only human (our brains are not computers!) and it's good to have refreshers so that our knowledge is both cemented and expanded.

I highly recommend that anyone who has a horse (or rides a horse) attends one of Jenny's workshops!

...I love that you care personally about my horse and myself, you explain everything that you are doing and that creates confidence for the owner. You care and are passionate and knowledgeable about what you are doing.


Presentation and Hoof Trimming

You advocate that every hoof is important whether it be an million dollar horse or a retired pony. You have great knowledge, experience and education in anatomy and nutrition to support hoof and horse health. You have a passion for your work and you share your knowledge through your workshops.

And you understand when a client has had a complete emotional breakdown and has F$@&?! Up her last appointment


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