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Jenny Austin's Equine Service can supply and provide assistance with a range of products designed to help you care for your horse's hooves.

Balanced Equine Nutrition

Australian made and owned
Hoof Using Trace Mix

Hoof Health Minerals

Price $55 for 4 Kg bag which is 6 months' supply for one 500 Kg horse

The most common mineral deficiencies impacting hoof health are Zinc and Copper. This mix is formulated by Balanced Equine after years of analysing Australian pasture samples and finding an average for supplementation.
Ingredients: Zinc, copper, iodine and salt.

The photo on the left clearly shows that after 3 months on a zinc/copper/iodine supplement new healthy growth coming in above the brittle, cracked, old hoof wall. Nothing else changed in this horse's diet or lifestyle. Click on the photo for a larger image in a new tab or window

Donnybrook Products

South Australian made and owned
Hoof Wash

Hoof Wash

Price $17.00 per 500 mL
Formulated natural antiseptic using plant based ingredients including essential oils.
Hoof Stik


Price $12.00 each
Designed to be an aid in the prevention of White Line (Seedy Toe) Thrush, Hoof Rot and abscess damage. It is easy to use, forms a barrier against disease, dryness and excess moisture.
Crack Repair

Crack Repair

Price $16.00 per 250 mL
Apply to dry cracked heels, fine sand crack lines, fills small damaged areas. It creates a barrier against the elements and locks in a broad spectrum of natural nutrients to nourish and repair the keratin.

Heller Hoof Rasps

Heller Legend Rasp

Heller White Tang

Price $45 each
Jenny's preferred rasp.
The Heller Legend is a rasp with a larger tooth angle, resulting in a more open structure in the rasp. This structure makes the rasp well suited for softer, damper horn material that tends to clog a finely toothed rasp.

Other tools available by order after discussing needs.

Sound Advice Horse Health Products

Australian made and owned
Good To Go Hoof Powder

Good To Go Hoof Powder

Price $22.00 per 200 g
Good to Go Hoof Powder is an easy solution to healing nasty thrush. Just pick out the hoof thoroughly, dust on the powder and you’re good to go!
All Australian made and owned product – even the packaging.

Please contact me for further information and assistance