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Equine Fusion

Jogging Shoes

Equine Fusion has developed a new type of horse boot, a flexible, light and durable Jogging Shoe that protects the horse’s hooves from shock, wear and unnatural pressure. The company has a multi-skilled and international team dedicated to the performance of the shoe and the welfare of the horse and rider. The Equine Fusion Jogging Shoe is based around the natural hoof anatomy and function; therefore it is flexible and conforms to the individual hoof and its bio mechanical function.

The shoe is used in general horse training, as a rehabilitation shoe or for protection on hard or uncomfortable surfaces. The shoes are also used in show jumping and dressage. Veterinarians use the shoe to treat different hoof problems. The shoe has been tested on race horses in cooperation with some of the best trainers in Norway within trotting racing to achieve the most high

Equine Fusion Jogging Boots
Equine Fusion Ultra
Equine Fusion New Performance
New Performance
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