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Customer Comments and Testimonials

One of the greatest compliments I can ever receive is an unsolicited positive comment or testimonial from my customers. I am grateful to all of my customers, and especially thank those who took the time to write and let me know they had good service and a great experience.

Please take the time to see what my customers are saying in their comments and testimonials.

Kersbrook Equestrian Centre

My main competition horse started life without shoes and with good feet.

However, after some years of being shod, by various farriers, I was beginning to despair at the obvious deterioration in his hoof shape and function.

After doing a barefoot trimming course I decided to transition him to barefoot and engaged Jenny to do the work. The process was not without its challenges, especially as I was wishing to continue competing but the sport of dressage does not allow the use of hoof boots.

It's been two years now and my horse now hacks out barefoot and his feet are strong and healthy. All my horses are now kept barefoot, including an older thoroughbred with weak feet. Throughout this process Jenny has taken care to achieve the best results for the individual horses and I have been impressed with her professional, caring approach.

KEC Logo Nicki Stuart
Owner & Principal Trainer
Kersbrook Equestrian Centre

South Serenity Arabians

South Serenity Arabians Pty Ltd only utilise Industry leaders, when it comes to selecting and appointing our approved suppliers and service providers to care for our horses.

We are extremely pleased to recommend Jenny Austin who specialises in the art of Barefoot Trimming. Whilst we are located at Kilmore, Victoria and Jenny is based in Adelaide, we have such high regard for Jenny that we fly her over each 6 weeks. Jenny spends 2 days at a time with us to ensure the herd of 20 get full attention to the on-going welfare of their feet, legs and general condition.

We have a firm ethic which sees us love and treat all our Horses with gentle handling and Jenny equally has the same approach when treating our horses’ feet. Jenny is gentle, kind and patient, never rushing or pushing her time with each individual horse.

We do highly recommend Jenny’s services to any horse owner who wants the best for their animals.

SSA Logo Peter O'Connor
South Serenity Arabians
Aratahnes Excalibur
Aratahnes Excalibur

Wirraway Homestead Youth Centre

Jenny has been trimming our horses for approximately 18 months now, which includes approximately 22 horses used for lessons and trail riding on youth camps, and also a number of staff’s horses, the total being approximately 30.

When Jenny started with us we had 3 horses with front shoes (one of which had a club foot), Jenny removed the shoes and the transition period was extremely smooth and with great results, no soreness at all and the horses never missed any days of work, evidence of great trimming knowledge and skills.

Jenny shows a high level of care and thoughtfulness towards our horses and is also a very knowledgeable horsewoman.I would highly recommend Jenny as a hoof care practioner!

Wirraway Logo Teresea Munyard
Wirraway Homestead Youth Centre
Wirraway Riders

Victor Harbor Horse Drawn Tram

Here at Victor Harbor Horse Drawn Tram, our working Clydesdale horses travel up to 15 kms per day on a variety of terrain including bitumen roads and gravel paths, then on the causeway where they pull the tram. The horses were shod for many years until Jenny Austin was invited by a committee member to do a presentation, after which they voted to trial some horses without shoes.

In 2012, we started trialing some of our horses without shoes and Jenny took over the trimming of the transitioning horses and all the young horses.

The trial was so successful that all new horses introduced to our team will be working without shoes in the future.

Jenny demonstrates great trade skills, complimented with good communication. She has an empathetic method of working with the horses to make it a positive experience for them.

Her knowledge of the equine hoof is extensive and has resulted in the Council engaging her training certification to deliver training to our staff in hoof anatomy, function and care to enable them to answer questions from members of the public regarding our barefoot horses.

Victor Harbor Tramway Logo Richard van Dijk
Team Leader Horse Management
Victor Harbor Council
Tramway Clydesdales on a beach ride
Tramway Clydesdales on a beach ride